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Compost bins add heat to speed up the process via above ground, partially buried, or rotating chambers.

  • Processes lots of food scraps (limit meat and diary).
  • Above ground and tumblers compost garden waste too.
  • Low maintenance.

Produces rich harvestable compost for your garden and the sourrounding soil, plus tumblers produce liquid fertiliser.

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Worm farms work well for apartments and children love them.  Worm farms need a very sheltered location and cannot process as much material as a compost bin.  The variety of material you can put in a worm farm is also more limited than with a compost bin.


Choose a worm farm if you:

  • don’t have a supply of garden clippings 
  • don’t have access to any bare earth, sand or gravel to put a compost bin on
  • have a smaller household (under 2) or you don’t produce a lot of food scraps

The benefits of a worm farm are:

  • the liquid fertiliser (which is the main output) from your worm farm is easy to apply to your pot plants and garden
  • you can keep your worm farm indoors or in a courtyard or balcony
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