Solar Composting

5Avoiding problems

The Green cone is fuss free and you won’t have any problems with smells, pests or other problems if it is properly buried, has sun, drainage and a balanced diet. In case things don’t go to plan, here’s a guide on how to fix them.


It’s a good idea to  use a kitchen caddy with a sealed lid to keep your scraps in before adding them to your Green Cone. You can also freeze food scraps before adding them. Both methods will lower the risk of flies getting into the cone.

WARNING: Never use a chemical pest spray inside the cone because it will kill the beneficial bacteria and potentially poison the soil.

Try not to spill food near the Green Cone as this could attract rodents and other animals. If you typically get rats in your area they may discover your Green Cone despite your best efforts. If this happens (or you want to be sure it doesn’t!) you can add chicken wire around the black basket to prevent rats from digging under and gnawing through into the food basket.

Did you know?

The Green Cone is made in Canada and is designed to be bear resistant. By keeping the lid closed tight you can deter bandicoots, possums, rodents and curious dogs.