1The basics

How do you turn your food and garden scraps into rich, healthy compost? 

Worms, fungi, good bacteria and other tiny creatures do the work for you. The secret of healthy compost is to feed your workers and keep them happy.




Set up your compost in a sheltered spot with good drainage and lots of sun.

Balanced diet

Feed your compost a 50/50 mix of food scraps and gardens scraps.


Help your compost to breathe by stirring it every time you feed it.


Add dry materials or water as needed to keep your compost moist, but not too wet.

Did you know?

It's best to avoid food waste in the first place.

One way to do this is to plan your weekly meals in advance. This will allow you to save money because you'll only be purchasing the ingredients that you need. 

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste Website to learn more.