In-Ground Worm Farming

2The perfect home

Worms like a comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat, so setting up your Subpod right is important. Here are some tips and tricks that will get your new army of worms off to a good start.


  • Avoid direct sun, especially in summer. Thankfully, Subpods are mostly under ground, so this is less critical than in traditional worm farms

Did you know?

 It's OK if you don't have the perfect shelter for your Subpod, you can still:

  • Pick the most sheltered spot you can.
  • Grow taller plants on the north and west edges of your Subpod to shade it. 
  • Drape a light-coloured damp towel or similar over the whole subpod on scorching days
  • Build a simple shade structure, umbrella or cover to give your Subpod shade in the summer.