In-Ground Worm Farming

4Feeding your Subpod

Feed you Subpod an equal mix of kitchen scraps and dried garden scraps, gently stirred. Start slow then grow! 


  • Cut your food and garden scraps in golf ball sized peices or smaller. Some people even blend their food scraps to get their worms working really fast!

  • Don’t let sugar be the majority of your Subpod’s diet (or yours) these turn acidic and irritate your worms (and your body!) 

  • Remember to aerate you Subpod every time you add food so your worms have air too, and scatter dry garden scraps on top so they have a balanced diet.
  • When you rinse your food scrap container, pour the water into your Subpod or onto plants to avoid wasting water.

  • To keep your worms moist and prevent flies use a worm blanket, or cover with a shirt, towel, moist newspaper, or hessian sack.

Did you know?

Your worms will be ok if you leave them without food for a few weeks. If you go on holidays for a month or two, just be sure to put a thick layer of soaked newspaper in as a slow release food. For longer trips ask a friend to do this tutorial and feed them while you're away.