About the Compost Revolution

The Compost Revolution is making it easy for Australians to turn food scraps into rich soil and liquid fertiliser at home and reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill.

About half of what the average Australian household throws out is compostable organic material. Using home composting systems significantly reduces the amount of stuff we send to landfill. It also reduces our impact on Climate Change because food waste releases harmful greenhouse gases as it breaks down in landfill.

The Compost Revolution works with local councils across Australia to provide residents with the equipment and skills they need to set up a successful home compost bin or worm farm.The average Australian rubbish bin consists of nearly half organic waste – mostly food scraps – which will be transported to landfill where it rots without air, and generates harmful greenhouse gases.

The Compost Revolution started as a community initiative by local councils looking to reduce the negative environmental and economic impacts of sending residential waste to landfill.  In 2009, three councils in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs (Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra) launched a pilot program with funding from the NSW EPA. The program went national in 2011 and is now the largest community of composters in Australia  – reducing food waste and greening our neighbourhoods. Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this website for?

Anyone who wants to recycle their food scraps, make soil and fertiliser at home and do their bit for the environment.

What is the tutorial about?

We have 3 tutorials, one for each composting, worm farming, and bokash bins. The tutorials are a fun way to get skilled up on all the practical skills you need to recycle your food scraps through these 3 methods.

How do I get my compost bin, worm farm, or bokashi bin?

  1. Choose from the discounted compost bin or worm farm products available.
  2. Confirm your order and pay using a credit card on our secure web form.
  3. Next do the matching tutorial and test yourself on the quiz.
  4. Sit tight, and we'll deliver your new gear to your door.

Is anything else required of me to join the Compost Revolution?

We encourage you to tick the box to “Join the Compost Revolution” when you register to receive your product.

You will not be committed to any other programs or organisations, but you will be able to get more support and may get special offers or invitations to events and workshops related to composting, gardening, cooking and food sustainability. The Compost Revolution is about building community and supporting neighbourhood garden projects, so you may also be invited to participate in awareness raising and other events. We’ll also send you an annual survey to help us to improve the program.

Can I get a worm farm, compost bin, and a bokashi bin?

You sure can! Keeping a compost bin and worm farm can work well. Just place your order seperately, however council only  subsidises one system per household, so additional systems need to be purchased direct from Compost Revolution.

What if I live in an apartment with no balcony or garden space?

You can use a Bokashi bin, or keep a worm farm on your balcony, in your garage, bathroom or kitchen. You can give excess liquid fertiliser and worm castings or compost you produce to a neighbour, friend or a nearby community garden.

Alternatively, you can organise a compost bin or worm farm for your building’s common area. Discuss this with your neighbours then speak to your body corporate or strata manager to attain approval. You can then purchase your compost bin or worm farm for your block through this web site.

What type of composting gear do we offer? 

You can see our product range on the Product Page

What else can I do?

Visit the Love Food, Hate Waste website to learn how you can minimise the amount of food that becomes waste in the first place. 

Scraps for Schools - Nominate your school to receive donations when you compost at home!

Grab a home compost bin, worm farm, or bokashi bin for up to 40% off retail to turn your food scraps into soil and fertiliser - and we'll donate $10 to your school's gardening program. It's that simple!

Gardening and sustainability programs are popping almost everyday at schools across Australia. Some are even part of the curriculum! What better way to educate students on the fun, beauty, and responsibility of the cycle of life than by teaching them how to recycle food scraps into soil and fertiliser thorugh composting and worm farming - and then doing the same at home?

This is where Scraps for Schools comes in. As kids get skilled up at school, why not bring their skills to life to make a difference at home? Simply grab a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin for upto 40% off the retail price to start a tradition at home that will pass down through the generations. And for every bin or farm you get, we'll donate money to a school of your choice!

Here's how it works

 1. Nominate your school. (Be sure to chat with the principal or a gardening champion at your school to get their ok.)

2. Email us at [email protected] to get a custom coupon code to track donations.

3. Download the flyer below and write in the coupon code. (Contact us if you need help typing the coupon code onto the flyer.)

4. Spread the word around your school! Get the flyer into the school newsletter, send flyers home with students, post it up in classrooms and hallways, and contact your local newspaper. Most councils are happy to provide schools with printed flyers.

5. There's no limit to donations. Your school gets $10 for every bin or farm purchased with the coupon code. If you purchase 2, your school gets $20!

Talk to your school, get in touch with us, and get started today!

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