About the Compost Revolution

The Compost Revolution makes it easy for Australians to turn food scraps into rich soil and fertiliser at home, reducing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

About half of what the average Australian household throws out is compostable organic material, so using home composting systems significantly reduces the amount of stuff we send to landfill. It also reduces our impact on climate change because food waste releases harmful greenhouse gases as it breaks down in landfill.

Currently working with 35 councils across Australia, the Compost Revolution is an award-winning platform which inspires, educates and equips households so they can recover their food waste. Our fun online tutorials and integrated ordering system allows residents to choose their composting gear and have it delivered straight to their door.

The Compost Revolution started in 2010 as a joint workshop-based education initiative in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney between three neighbouring councils, Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra, as part of the 3-Council Regional Environment Program, established with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust. 

The program was expanded Australia-wide in 2012, as a partnership between the 3 Councils and social venture Revolution Apps, which is rapidly scaling the impact of the program under licence from council partners.

Over the last 8 years the Compost Revolution has grown to become Australia's largest community of composters and worm farmers with over 52,000 households joining the revolution to date. We've diverted over 13,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and avoided almost 22 Million kgs of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. All this while actually saving councils (and rate payers) in excess of $2.9 million in waste management costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this website for?

Residents of participating councils who want to recycle their food scraps, make soil and fertiliser at home and do their bit for the environment.

What is the tutorial about?

We have two tutorials, one on compost bins and one on worm farms.  The tutorials will teach you the practical skills of how to set up your bin or worm farm and keep it running smoothly. 

How do I get my compost bin or worm farm?

  1. You must be a resident of a participating council to be eligible.
  2. Do one of the tutorials and complete the quiz.
  3. Once you have passed the quiz, you can register.
  4. Choose from the discounted compost bin and worm farm products available through your council.
  5. Confirm your order and pay using a credit card on our secure web form.

What if I fail the quiz?

You can attempt the quiz as many times as you need in order to get all of the answers correct.  If you get stuck we recommend you return to the tutorial to find the answers.

Is anything else required to join the Compost Revolution?

We encourage you to tick the box to “Join the Compost Revolution” when you register to receive your product.

You will not be committed to any other programs or organisations, but you will be able to get more support and may get special offers or invitations to events and workshops related to composting, gardening, cooking and food sustainability. The Compost Revolution is about building community and supporting neighbourhood garden projects, so you may also be invited to social events and get-togethers. We’ll also send you an annual survey to help us to improve the program.

Can more than one person in my household do the tutorial?

Yes! Keeping a compost bin and worm farm can work well. However, each household is only eligible for one discounted Compost Revolution product through this program. If you want a second product, you can purchase a compost bin or worm farm at full price from our online store or at most garden stores.

Can I have both a worm farm and a compost bin for my household?

Yes. Keeping a compost bin and worm farm can work well. However, each household is only eligible for one discounted Compost Revolution product through this program. If you want a second product, you can purchase a compost bin or worm farm at full price from our online store or at most garden stores.

What if I live in an apartment with no balcony or garden space?

You can keep a worm farm on your balcony, in your garage, bathroom or kitchen. You can give the fertiliser and worm castings you produce to a neighbour, friend or a nearby community garden.

Alternatively, you can organise a compost bin or worm farm for your building’s common area. Discuss this with your neighbours then speak to your body corporate or strata manager to attain approval. You can then purchase your compost bin or worm farm for your block through this web site.

What if I already know how to compost or worm farm?

If you already know how to compost or worm farm, you don't need to do the tutorial (though you might learn a few things and they’re lots of fun so we recommend it!).  You will still need to do the quiz to qualify for a discounted compost bin or worm farm. 

Can I attend a workshop to find out more?

Your council may organise free workshops so check the “About” section of this website for more information.

What else can I do?

Visit the Food Lovers Republic website to learn how you can minimise the amount of food that becomes waste in the first place.

Contact us


If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] or send us a message or comment on Facebook at our Facebook page. One of our friendly support squad team members will help you with your enquiry.


Currently, active in over 30 council areas across Australia, the Compost Revolution is a fully customisable platform to engage, educate and equip residents, so they can help you reach your waste diversion targets while increasing resilience in our communities.

We'd love to partner with you to bring the revolution to your neighbourhood so please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected]

Office: Level 1, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW, 2007.
Mail: PO Box K714 HAYMARKET NSW 1240

Scraps for Schools - Nominate your school to receive donations when you compost at home!

Grab a home compost bin, worm farm, or bokashi bin at up to 40% off retail to turn your food scraps into soil and fertiliser - and we'll donate $5 to your school's gardening program. It's that simple!

Gardening and sustainability programs are popping almost every day at schools across Australia. Some are even part of the curriculum! What better way to educate students on the fun, beauty, and responsibility of the cycle of life than by teaching them how to recycle food scraps into soil and fertiliser through composting and worm farming - and then doing the same at home?

This is where Scraps for Schools comes in. As kids get skilled up at school, why not bring their skills to life to make a difference at home? Simply grab a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin from your council at anywhere from 40-80% off retail and free delivery (offer varies by council) to start a tradition at home that will pass down through the generations. And for every bin or farm you get, we'll donate money to a school of your choice!

Here's how it works

 1. Nominate your school. (Be sure to chat with the principal or a gardening champion at your school to get their ok.)

2. Email us at [email protected] to get a custom coupon code to track donations.

3. Download the flyer below and write in the coupon code. (Contact us if you need help typing the coupon code onto the flyer.)

4. Spread the word around your school! Get the flyer into the school newsletter, send flyers home with students, post it up in classrooms and hallways, and contact your local newspaper. Most councils are happy to provide schools with printed flyers.

5. There's no limit to donations. Your school gets $5 for every bin or farm purchased with the coupon code. If you purchase 2, your school gets $10!

Talk to your school, get in touch with us, and get started today!

Revolutions need heroes – join us!

We're hiring a new support squad team member.

About the revolution ...

Revolution Apps is the social venture which was founded to expand the Compost Revolution nationally to reduce the amount of organics that ends in landfill, while creating more abundant and climate resilient communities. We do this by recruiting households across Australia to join us in recycling our food and garden scraps. We need to keep food out of landfill to reduce emissions and other nasty side effects, and just as importantly, we also need to keep the valuable nutrients from our food scraps in our local soils to ensure the long term well-being of our communities as climate change impacts start to bite. It is our mission to build a movement of people who are the early adopters of this backyard revolution and to eventually engage all Australians in this critical response to climate change and our waste crisis.

Through the Compost Revolution platform we work with councils and other progressive organisations to engage and empower people. Our award-winning service is constantly evolving, and we focus on improving it on a daily basis. While we’re a training and support, marketing, e-commerce and logistics venture operationally – what  is really important is that we’re a team of passionate social impact activists who want to see a better world blossom through our work revolutionising the minds and gardens of Australia.

Our impact so far ...

With the help of over 45,000 revoluionary households we have diverted in excess of 11 MILLION kg of organic 'waste' from landfill and directed that into the top soil of our nation's gardens.  Every household that joins the program diverts an average of 120 kg of food per year. Collectively we've reduced green house gas emissions by nearly 18,000 tonnes of CO² which is the equivalent of taking about 4,000 cars off the road for a year.

That's a good start, but we're by no means satisfied with our impact to date! This year we aim to double our annual recruitment and have plans for scaling up the program to meet the huge challenges facing Australian communities as we tackle our waste and climate change challenges at the local level.

That's where you come in ...

Revolutionary Support Officers are responsible for providing front-line customer service and platform support for the Compost Revolution program. Our commitment to councils when they sign up is that the program will scale without their workload scaling – and your job is to make sure that happens. Recruited residents, like all of us now on the web, expect a seamless online e-commerce experience and help when things go awry. That’s where you step in, fixing issues big and (mostly!) small, going above and beyond to make sure everyone gets the best start possible, as they join us in saving their soil and our planet by recycling their food scraps.

We’re obsessed with retaining people that join the program, because we’re not driven or measured by how many units we sell, but by the communities we help become greener and by the amount of food waste we divert every day (11 MILLION Kg to date!)  We can only do that if we ensure everyone who joins stays on and spreads the word. 

You’ll be organised, professional under fire, optimistic even when the chips are down, a digital native, while having your feet (and hands) firmly planted on –  and in – the ground. That means we’re looking for someone already into and reasonably proficient in composting and worm farming. You don’t need to be Costa, but we need people who know their way around a compost bin, someone who knows the smell of worm tea in the morning and is as passionate about the importance of nurturing our local soil and our communities, through composting, as we are.


Program Support - pre and post sale inquiries from Councils, their residents and our suppliers (20ish hours/week)

Our main channel for incoming council, customer and supplier support is Intercom - a software platform that allows inquiries to be assigned, tracked, managed and classified using ‘tags’ to ensure accurate reporting of the issues generating inquiries. 

  • Responding to council queries about the admin side of the platform, actioning tasks as required and escalating requests for bug fixes / suggested improvements to functionality
  • Responding to queries that councils have received from residents including advising on delivery status, arranging replacement parts, issuing refunds and communicating product delays
  • Responding to supplier inquiries by actioning tasks as required and escalating issues if needed
  • Assisting with changes to stock (such as supply shortages, delays with product, increases in prices), as well as arranging bulk orders and other ‘out of the ordinary’ deliveries


General administration and office support (2-4 hours/week)

  • Providing administrative assistance to the CEO on ad hoc basis
  • Assistance with platform improvements such as testing newly implemented features and bug fixes
  • Monitoring and responding to comments on social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram posts and ad campaigns during staff absences or on an as-needed basis


  • Flexible hours (around 20-30 hours per week)
  • Flexible location (preferred Sydney based 2 days per week minimum)
  • Nurturing team environment
  • Opportunity to evolve the role
  • Latest support tech and tools (Mac OS)
  • Free compost gear to try!

Sound like you?

Send us a brief email with subject "REVOLUTIONS NEED HEROES"  sharing why you're passionate about home composting & worm farming and it's importance in fighting the war on waste and climate change.

Share your relevant experience across composting and online customer service support in 5 bullet points and a link to your LinkedIn profile (or CV if you don't have one).

We're looking fwd to hearing from you!