Recycle your food scraps!

Boroondara residents, schools, kinders and businesses can get up to 40% off RRP with FREE delivery on a compost bin, bokashi bin, food waste composter, pet waste composter or worm farm.

Composting and worm farming at home is easy to do. Worm farming food waste at home creates high quality fertiliser. Composting garden and food waste at home creates valuable soil conditioner. Composting pet poo at home avoids the production of harmful greenhouse gases created when it breaks down anaerobically in landfill. Our quick tutorials will show you how to recycle your food scraps, reduce your environmental footprint and make rich fertiliser for your garden.

*Each household may only order one food composter or worm farm plus one pet waste composting product. Some special offer coupon codes override this condition.  *Accessories cannot be purchased on their own.

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Up to 40% off RRP + FREE Delivery.

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Learn all you need to know about composting or worm farming in under 15 minutes.

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