5Bokashi juice fertiliser

As scraps break down, they will produce a nitrogen-rich liquid packed with micro-organisms: bokashi juice! Drain liquid through the tap on the side of your bin at least once or twice a week.


If you leave town for work or holidays you can leave your bokashi bin to ferment. You may want to add extra enzyme spray or grain, and check that the lid is tight.

The longer it ferments, the faster it will break down once buried in soil or a compost bin. Generally, your scraps will fully ferment after 4 weeks. 

Did you know?

The original blend of micro-organisms used in the first bokashi bins was developed by Professor Teruo Higa, who believed that agriculture had come to rely too heavily on the use of chemicals, and wanted to find a better approach where micro-organisms could be used to help with plant growth.

It's also a natural drain cleaner in its undiluted form. You can pour a little down the sink once a month to help prevent algae buildup. The good bacteria will also help to clean our waterways.