1The basics

The secret to happy wormfarming is happy worms.

Worms farm the bacteria that breaks down your food scraps and keep the bacteria balanced.

You'll find worms easy to look after if you remember they need: a comfortable temperature, darkness, have sensitive skin, and need to be kept moist but not too wet.


Your wormfarm is best kept indoors and away from the sun.


Feed your wormfarm small amounts of fruit and vegatable scraps, but no garden scraps!


Make sure your wormfarm is protected from rain, and harvest the worm juice regularly so it doesn't fill up with liquid.


Pour 1 litre of water through your wormfarm each week to keep it moist, but not too wet.

Did you know?

  • Worms eat their body weight in food each day - although they are not actually eating the food but the bacteria on the surface of the food
  • The worms in wormfarms are a mix of breeds called 'compost worms', and are different to earthworms
  • Worms in wormfarm self-regulate their population, only breeding within the boundaries of the amount of space and food you give them