5Feeding your worms

Place a small amount of food scraps evenly across the top of the worm bedding to a depth of no more than 3-5cm. Increase the amount of food and rotate the trays as the worms turn the scraps into rich, earthy castings.


  • Worms will get through food faster if it's cut into small pieces, so avoid giving them whole fruit or vegetables.
  • You don't need to wait until they eat everything before you add more, but don't add too much unless the food looks like it's being eaten - it will appear darker and will have reduced in volume.
  • To keep your worms moist and prevent flies, cover the worm bedding in the top tray with a worm blanket, shirt, towel, moist newspaper, or hessian sack.
  • When you rinse your food scrap container, pour the water into your worm farm or onto plants to avoid wasting water.

Did you know?

Your worms will be ok if you leave them without food for a few weeks. If you go on holidays, just be sure to put a thick layer of moist newspaper on top of the worm bedding. Make sure the farm is located somewhere shady, cool, and out of the rain, even indoors in the laundry, garage, or bathroom. For longer trips ask a friend to do this tutorial and feed them once a week for you!