2The perfect home

Worms like a comfortable environment that mimics their natural habitat, so the location of your worm farm is important. Your worm farm comes with instructions for assembling the trays, legs, and lid. 

Here are some extra tricks that will keep your new army of worms happy and healthy.


  • Avoid direct sunlight whenever possible - worms will die if they get too hot. Short periods of direct sunlight are generally ok but are best avoided, especially in summer.
  • If you need more worms, you can take a handful or two from a friend's worm farm without any harm because both populations will breed to optimum size.

Did you know?

It's OK if you don't have the perfect shelter for your farm, you should:

  • Pick the most sheltered spot available.

  • Drape a light-coloured towel or cloth over the whole worm farm to shelter it from wind and sun.

  • Wet this towel on hot summer days to keep your worm farm nice and cool.