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Sản phẩm nào phù hợp với quý vị nhất – thùng làm phân xanh (compost bin) hoặc thùng nuôi trùng/giun (worm farm)? All Quizzes

Làm phân xanh (Composting)

Compost bins retain heat to speed up the process via above ground, partially buried, or rotating chambers.

  • Processes lots of food scraps (limit meat and diary).
  • Above ground and tumblers compost garden waste too.
  • Low maintenance.

Produces rich harvestable compost for your garden and the sourrounding soil, plus tumblers produce liquid fertiliser.

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Nuôi trùng/giun (Wormfarming)

Hungry worms break down food scraps into solid and liquid nutrients in traditional multi-tray and new below ground farms. 

  • Processes small to medium amounts of food scraps, primarily fruit and vegetables.
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor placement.
  • A bit more maintenance.

All worm farms produce rich harvestable worm castings. Traditional farms also produce lots of liquid fertiliser for your garden.

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