Why compost food and garden waste?

About half of what the average Australian household throws out is food scraps and organics. Once in landfill, this releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.  And it really adds up, emissions from landfill make up about 5% of Australia’s total greenhouse gases!

Not only that, food waste mixes with heavy metals in landfill, becoming an acidic toxic sludge which pollutes our precious groundwater. While many modern landfills reduce these problems using methane gas flaring and so forth, there are also plenty that do not.

For greener, more abundant neighbourhoods.

Composting your food scraps at home nurtures your soil’s health, creating greener gardens and streets that clean the air and reduce heat on hot summer days. This also provides rich habitat for endangered pollinators and other insects and animals, critical to the web of life and urban food production.

It all adds up to greener, more enjoyable and resilient neighbourhoods.

That's not all, healthy compost-rich soil absorbs much more water than typical soil, reducing water run off during heavy rains. It even sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, drawing down our emissions in the process.

It turns out one of the best things we can do to fight climate change is literally beneath our feet!

For your own health and well-being.

When we nurture our soil it nurtures our soul.

We all know how great gardening makes us feel, and its backed by a raft of research – gardening improves our mental health and even adds years to our lives.

Plus growing our own organic food improves our whole family’s well-being, so everyone benefits, whether they join you in the garden or not!

Join Australia's largest community of composters!

The Compost Revolution is a social venture, focussed on impact not profit. We go the extra mile helping you choose the best system for you, providing personal support, fun tutorials and plenty of advice along the way.

“I love being able to reduce waste and live more sustainably. It's fun getting my housemates involved and helping to change the way they think and have an impact on their behaviour.”

Rachel Presho, Worm wrangler

“I love my garden because it has become so much more than just a garden...it's the Thursday night supermarket run, daycare for the neighbours cat, romantic date spot and meditation oasis.”

Elana Burton, Balcony gardener