Why avoid food waste?

16.5M tonnes CO2e released each year from food waste.

About half of what the average Australian household throws out is food scraps and organics. Once in landfill, this releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.  And it really adds up, emissions from landfill make up about 5% of Australia’s total greenhouse gases!

Not only that, food waste mixes with heavy metals in landfill, becoming an acidic toxic sludge which pollutes our precious groundwater. While many modern landfills reduce these problems using methane gas flaring and so forth, there are also plenty that do not.

Regardless, these solutions are fixing a problem we can avoid just by composting our food waste at home!

Give your garden some love, and it will give it back 10x !

Growing fresh food for your friends and family is one of the most rewarding things you can do. By recycling your food scraps you create rich compost and fertiliser to help your garden – and your family – grow.

About the Revolution

Whether you're a seasoned composter or just starting out, the Compost Revolution gives you the skills and support you need to eliminate food waste at home.

We're a social venture

We're a social venture

We want to reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill while encouraging Australians to grow their own food. We operate as a social venture, meaning our purpose drives all that we do.


By enabling households to be more self-sufficient, we can improve our communities, increase food security and help people lead healthier, happier lives. Who doesn’t want that!?

Up to 80% off

We partner with councils

We work with leading councils across Australia to offer all the best composting gear subsidised up to 80% off RRP. We began as a council program and continue to work closely with all of our council partners to ensure everyone can access home food waste recycling options.

We support you all the way

We support you all the way

Beginner and pro composters alike, check out our free and fun online tutorials to brush up on your composting, worm farming and bokashi skills. Every bin or farm purchased through the program comes with a setup guide, help articles and online support from our team, to make it easy for you to become a master composter.

Local gear, delivered to you

Local gear, delivered to you

We source Australian-made products whenever we can, importing alternatives only when required. We even make some of our own in Melbourne, just a stone's throw from our warehouse. We work hard to minimise our ecological footprint of our products, packaging and operations, and are always looking for ways to grow the revolution while deceeasing our impact on the planet.

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