Why avoid food waste?

16.5M tonnes CO2e released each year from food waste.

About half of what the average Australian household throws out is organics. That food waste releases harmful greenhouse gases as it breaks down in landfill.

If that wasn’t bad enough, food mixes with heavy metals and becomes acidic toxic sludge which burns holes through the landfill basin polluting our precious ground water!

Give your garden some love, and it will give it back!

Growing healthy food for your family is one of the most rewading things you can do. By recyling your food scraps you create rich compost and fertiliser for your garden.

About the Revolution

The Compost Revolution teaches you the skills you need and delivers your gear to your door.

We're a social venture

We're a social venture!

We exist to reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill while encouraging Australians to grow their own food. We’re based in Sydney and Mullimbimby, NSW and are passionate about waste reduction.

Up to 80% off

We work with councils

We work with councils across Australia to get you discounts up to 80% off RRP! If your council is not participating we provide up to 40% off directly to you. We aim to be as affordable as we can while not compromising on quality or the planet.

We support you all the way

We support you all the way

We provide fun tutorials to skill you up in composting, wormfarming or the bokashi method. And we’re there for you long after you get set up.

Local gear, delivered to you

Local gear, delivered to you

We source the best products (from local Aussie companies whenever possible) and make our own when not. We work hard to minimise our own impact while minimising the cost to you.

Join Australia's largest community of composters!

9,912 Tonnes diverted

41,705 households

Across 31 Councils