In-Ground Worm Farming

6Harvest time

Worms move nutrients in and out of your Subpod and your surrounding garden for you. Especially the 'worm wee' – a liquid fertiliser like a multi vitamin probiotic rocket fuel for your plants! 

As your worm colony grows the amount of nutrients it shares grows too! Your Subpod also slowly fills up with vermi-compost which you can then harvest for other parts of you garden. 


  • Vermi-compost should be used soon after harvest, before it is leached by rain or dries out, killing many of its benificial microbes.
  • You can use it like regular compost, spread or sprinkled onto existing soil, mixed with poor soil to make a potting mix, or mixed with water and poured throughout your garden. 

Did you know?

  • Vermi-compost and worm wee provide soil nutrients and are packed with beneficial microorganisms. This makes them the perfect zero emissions natural, organic fertiliser for your garden; creating healthy, fertile soil.
  • Extremely sandy soils don't have enough structure or biology to retain the goodness added by a small amount of vermi-compost or worm wee.
  • To add structure to sandy soil, first use a large amount of compost, 'Sheet Mulch' or 'Green Manure'. Then keep topped up with worm wee, vermi-composts, compost, lighter mulch or by adding a subpod to the bed!. By doing this you'll quickly start to build up rich, dark soil, and keep it for years to come. 

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